Classic African Hunts

What items are included in the daily rates?

1. The service of a professional hunter.
2. The services of gunbearers, trackers, field and camp assistants and cooks.
3. Field preparation of trophies per client’s instructions
4. The use of four wheel drive safari trucks.
5. Full accommodations which includes daily laundry, all food and reasonable quantities of local beer,
minerals and soft drinks.
6. Clients are asked to supply their own spirits if they prefer imported brands of whisky etc.

What items are NOT included in the daily rates?

1. Trophy fees payable for animals killed or wounded.
2. Taxidermy fees
3. Weapons and ammunition
4. Dipping, packing and documentation.
5. Air charters and transportation prior to and after the hunt.
6. Movement between camps by air charter, please note that days in transit during a hunt count as hunting
7. Loss of hunting due to illness, lost luggage, delayed flights, etc. are at the clients expense.
8. Government taxes currently 2% of safari daily rate.

What are the bag limits?

As we work on a very strict quota system in Zimbabwe, hunters must advise us well in advance as to which animals they wish to hunt, Species with an * (asterisk) are either low quota or in other areas and need to be applied for in advance. All species are by prior arrangement.

How will I get to and from camp?

Please note that all of our hunts are full hunting days you will arrive in camp the day before and depart the day after your hunt. Humani is a remote area approximately a five-hour drive from Harare. It is best
accessed by ground transportation or private air charter. The cost of this transportation is at the client’s expense. Ground transport (car) up to two passengers @ $250.00 per vehicle one way, (mini bus) up to
six passengers depending on amount of luggage @ $500.00 per vehicle one way. A four-seater air charter
is available @ $550.00 one way two passengers with limited luggage. Please note air charter rates are subject to change without notice.

You will arrive in camp the day before and depart the day after your hunt. Chewore is an extremely remote area approximately a nine hour drive from Harare. It is best accessed by private air charter. Ground transportation $300 per vehicle one way up to two passengers. A four seater air charter is available @ $550.00 one way, two passengers with limited baggage.

How do I confirm a safari?

A deposit of 40% of the DAILY RATES must be paid to Safaris Africa Inc. in order to confirm a booking.
The balance is payable in cash or Travelers checks upon commencement of the Safari, and in the event of cancellation or postponement, the deposit is liable for forfeiture at the discretion of the Company.

What is the weather like?

The summer months are from October to March with temperatures ranging from 85° - 105°F in our hunting areas. The summer is also the rainy season, rains normally start in early November and finish late March, therefore hunting is not encouraged during these months. Our dry season is from late March to early November. The winter months are April to September with daytime temperatures averaging between 70° - 85°F. Nights can be very cold during this period with temperatures dropping to 32°F.



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